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An Elaborately Carved Hardwood Asian Easel, 19th century
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This easel is one of the best and most highly developed of its kind. It features serpents covering just about all of its surface, from the top through the midsection, holding the painting support, and just below, with all supports having serpents bodies intertwined. Interestingly, at the top of the easel,  is a large serpent (probably a cobra) with two cobras below and human figures just below that, with (if the above were already not enough) smaller cobras at the knees of these figures. At the support holding the easel are three serpents and below the main support, yet another two.

This easel is a piece of movable furniture that will grace any room, and supporting a wonderful painting, it has, indeed, great decorative possibilities. This fantasy piece is quite capricious and must have entailed an enormous amount of time in its carving. It is complete with no repairs or alterations. It is indeed a treasure.

Height : 6 ft. Width: 27 1/2 in.

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Price: $ 9,500

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