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48" x 31", circa 1901

John White Alexander was one of the most important and popular American artists at the turn of the century, rivaling even James McNeill Whistler and John Singer Sargent. Although he painted murals and designed theater sets for which he was widely acclaimed, he is best known for his sensitive, dignified portraits. His subjects were some of the most eminent authors and artists of his day, including Oscar Wilde, Henry James, Auguste Rodin and Walt Whitman. Alexander traveled and painted throughout the East Coast and Europe, absorbing influences, to establish an aesthetic that was all his own. Alexander became one the leading American exponents of the aesthetic principles of Art Nouveau, as seen by his use of sweeping lines, broad patterns, and decorative tendencies. Alexander enjoyed an illustrious career and reputation. He was able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for himself and his family through his commissions, a rarity for any artist and a testament to his talent and style.

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