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Fenton Antique Needlework Sampler
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A very good eighteenth century Pennsylvania house sampler worked by Mary Fentun (Fenton) at the age of nine in 1789. This work has numerous motifs found in Delaware Valley samplers of the period including pine trees, the stylized floral urn, the Georgian mansion and colorful peacocks. The misspelled words and backwards letters add charm to this piece and may indicate that Mary copied the text and did not know how to read or write.

Mary was baptized in Bucks County at the Low Dutch Church Of Southampton. She was the daughter of Cornelius and Mary Shaw Fenton both of whom died when she was still a child. Her grandfather, Dr. Joseph Fenton,Jr., a surgeon during the Revolutionary war, became her guardian.

Excellent condition, fully conserved and mounted in a reproduction frame. Fenton family background accompanies this needlework.

Price: $ 9,500

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