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Silk Needlework Of A Young Boy Picking Apples
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No. R14406

Superb English painted face silk needlework of a young boy picking applies, cottage and mountains in distance, silk and watercolor on silk with the original églomisé mat (reverse painted on glass).
(Note the nest on the ground below the boy)
All in a  gilded wood & composition frame,

  • Origin English
  • Circa Early 19th c.
  • Material < /span>Silk
  • Height 15 3/4 in
  • Width 13 1/4 in

Price: $ 2,250

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R. Jorgensen Antiques

R. Jorgensen Antiques

It began with a dream. After selling their Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Montana in 1968, then working for two years in the Peace Corps in Ghana, Robert and Rebecca Jorgensen were searching for a new life venture.Family connections…

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