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Aestheic Brass-Mounted Walnut Sideboard, last quarter 19th Century, American
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This small-scale server has a pentagonal form, which, of shallow depth, (22in.) gives it a very delicate yet pronounced proportion. The embellishment is absolutely outstanding with six paw feet that support columns both spiral and carved. The carved panels of fruit and flowers are exceptional, and just about every area that could be embellished is done so. Certainly, this isn't an off-the-rack piece. It is all composed of solid walnut including the back which has slotted panels. One could see this piece in a library, a hallway, or a dining room in a New York brownstone; it's of that quality. Also of interest are the brass hinges which show the Aesthetic art nouveaux element. This casepiece is in fine original condition with no repair or restoration whatsoever. 

Height:&n bsp;33 1/2 in.  Width: 58 in.&n bsp; Depth: 22 in.

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Price: $ 12,500

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