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Antique Gilt Bronze and Marble Mantle Clock After Percier & Fontaine
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This antique French tower clock from the 1800's has the signature of Percier & Fontaine on the front gilt pedestal motif.  Beneath the signature is an indistinguishable word.  The ornamentation is gilt bronze with exquisite finely chased motifs  in bas relief from the Empire Period placed upon a variegated  light yellow marble background and base.  Motifs are Greco/Roman maidens and a Greco/Roman Warrior riding in a chariot drawn by two horses;  rams heads, an owl, a rooster, griffins and horses; garlands of grapes, flowers and leaves, bellflowers; lyres, ribbons , linear key designs and stiff leaf linears!

The interior clock works were made by Vincenti et Cie who won a Silver medal in 1855. The clock face has numerals on marble, covered by a convex glass with gilt bronze linear motifs. The back of the clock works has a beveled frosted glass enclosure.  To the interiors back are stamped,  numbered marks, 15607and 92 on the interior back works with etched repair numbers of 37642 and 38866.  The bell has a mark of a backward capital E attached to the back of a capital B.

H=19 5/8, Footprint=14 3/4 x 9, Weight=85.6 lbs

Condition: Minor rubs to gilt bronze; minor age discolorations to bronze, old surface grime. Clock will need to be adjusted and balanced once in final location

Price: $ 8700

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