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A Mahogany Hepplewhite Armchair with Satinwood Inlay, c.1800
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This armchair, which is probably English, is a delicate and finely crafted chair of pure Hepplewhite style which relies on inlay for embellishment and a delicateness of form that gives it a very special quality. The crest is inlaid with a full satinwood panel banded with alternating light/dark inlays. The arms, their turned supports, stiles, and legs, are also inlaid with light, contrasting wood. The arms are particularly well shaped and are delicately curved in a manner complimentary to the bowed front seat. The backsplat is "X" shaped with carved arrows. The rear stiles are shaped, which at the seat frame, returns to the square leg shape in conformity with the front legs. This is a well thought out and designed chair by a master craftsman of the period.

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