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Superb very small Boston pier table with superb “Flame” mahogany veneer and extremely rare alabaster columns, it also retains the original white marble top.  

The brass mounts have been cleaned of dirt and are completely the original fire gilt.

I've placed this pier table by a window and the morning sun will shine through the legs - very beautiful!
(Note - the last photo has a flashlight behind the column - it glows)


  • Origin American
  • Circa Early 19th c.
  • Period Neoclassical
  • Region Boston
  • Material < /span>Mahogany
  • Height3 7 3/4 in
  • Width 34 1/2 in
  • Depth 18 in

Price: $ 9,500

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R. Jorgensen Antiques

R. Jorgensen Antiques

It began with a dream. After selling their Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Montana in 1968, then working for two years in the Peace Corps in Ghana, Robert and Rebecca Jorgensen were searching for a new life venture.Family connections…

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