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Malcolm Franklin Inc.

View Antiques Specialty: Fine English furniture from 1680 to 1830

Malcolm Franklin, Inc. specializing in fine 17th and 18th century English furniture, clocks and accessories, was founded in 1947 by Malcolm Franklin. Malcolm was one of the first importers of early walnut veneered furniture.

Today we are into our third generation with the firm being owned by his son, Paul Mark Franklin and his grandchildren, Daniel Sullivan and Susan Gancer.

Specializing in English furniture from 1680 - 1830 with a large inventory of walnut, along with early oak and mahogany pieces, it is worth a visit.

Malcolm Franklin, Inc. has been featured in major publications such as; The Catalogue of Antiques & Fine Art, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Cranes Business, The Magazine Antiques, and Antiques and Fine Art magazine to name a few. We have participated in The Antiques Road Show and have appeared on HGTV.

We have exhibited at major shows in the United States and up until last year we were the longest running exhibitor to participate in The Winter Antiques Show (for well over 50 years).

Furniture from Malcolm Franklin, Inc. has been purchased and exhibited in major museums across the country, including the White House, Independence Hall, Colonial Williamsburg, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Cincinnati Museum of Art, The Deyoung Museum, and several governor's mansions.


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