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Danielle Ann Millican, Inc

View Antiques Specialty: A premier collection of aestheically pleasing and historically important 16th through the 20th century woodcuts, engravings and lithographs

Danielle Ann Millican, Inc.,

Danielle Ann Millican, Inc., a premier collection of museum quality woodcuts, engravings and lithographs, offers an exceptional blend of expertise and presentation. An impressive selection of aesthetically pleasing and historically important 15th through 20th century works on paper, the natural history selection includes a delightful array of botanicals, birds, and animals. Our world exploration collection offers fascinating maps, city views, and architectural achievements.  Maintaining the integrity of the antique print business is a priority and a purpose. Subjected to the most demanding vetting procedures, our prints are the finest representations available both in content and condition. Our custom framing is archival and to museum specifications. Audubon, Besler, Catesby, Cellarius, de Bry, Gould, Hondius, Lear, Merian, Munster, Ortelius, Redoute, Thornton, Brookshaw and Weinmann are but a few of the remarkable illustrators in the collection with pricing for every level of collecting.


Mission Statement and Professional Credentials

Great collections don’t just happen; they are built, each piece a block –some a cornerstone – of a concept. A collection develops over time. It will grow quickly in some directions and more slowly in others as ideas mature and evolve. That is the beauty of it; it’s a living thing. Attached to it are emotions and memories. Collecting is started on a whim or a want, and –pun intended – there is an art to it. Read all the books, visit all the museums, talk to all the experts. My steadfast advice is to start when you are young and buy just one good, if not great, piece each year -- the best possible piece you can afford. Forget all the garage sale fodder at the mall and stop purchasing the landfill fodder in catalogues. If you start a collection in your 20’s by your 40’s it will be magnificent; by your 50’s it will be world class and by your 60’s it will be the envy of museums. But remember, focus, focus, focus!


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