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Pat Monroe Antiques

View Antiques Specialty: 17th-19th Century Continental Furniture & Decorative Arts

“I absolutely love what I do,” says Pat Monroe, owner of Pat Monroe Antiques in downtown Austin, Texas.

Pat collects and sells European furnishings and decorative arts dating from 17th through the 19th centuries, with additional pieces from the 20th century.  “The new look of antiques is lighter and more refreshing. Intermixing antiques in a contemporary setting or vice-versa results in a pleasing, interesting room,” relates Pat.


Pat evaluates each piece with the discerning eye of an artist and designer, creating the look of casual elegance for which the store is known.  Her connections to some of Europe’s finest sources enable Pat to often have first choice for her clients. She looks for antiques that are rare or uncommon and that possess a stylish chic. Each piece must meet the essential characteristics of authenticity, fine quality of material and workmanship, beauty and be in excellent condition.

Pat Monroe Antiques pride itself on customer service. Pat and her staff work closely with customers and designers to assist in arranging shipping throughout the world.