Latique Names David Moon as National Director

We will get it done!

By: Julie VanDolen • Nov 01, 2011 • 1 Comments


LATIQUE is pleased to announce the appointment of David Moon as National Director.

David’s career in the Antiques and Fine Arts business spans more than thirty years, specializing in 18th and 19th century American and European antiques, fine paintings and classic decorative arts.

In 1979, at age 25, David moved from where he was born and raised, Dallas, Texas, to the family farm in Forney, Texas. At the time, Forney was widely recognized as The Antiques Capitol of Texas. He was soon thinking about how he could make a living in the antiques field. He decided to try his hand at refinishing. David devoured every book he could find on the subject, and over the course of several months taught himself the proper way of refinishing a piece of antique furniture. Once he gained confidence in his methods, he thought that he might as well start with the biggest and best dealer of them all, Clements Antiques of Texas, owned and operated by the legendary antiques dealer, Charles Clements. “I’ll never forget how nervous I was, the first day I pulled into their parking lot. What if they say no? What will I do then?” Well, that’s when David first met Jeff Garrett, founder of Latique. “He was the one that greeted me first, so after introducing myself, I explained (very poorly I might add) that I owned Moon’s Refinishing Company, and was hoping (and praying) that he might need some pieces refinished. I think he gave me an English lowboy to work on, and I charged him $45. He must have been pleased. I think I did a hundred more pieces after that.” It is during this time that David also met Jeff’s brother, Norman Garrett.

In 1981, Norman Garrett moved to Dallas and founded his own company, Garrett Galleries, Inc. An antiques and fine art auction facility. “Norman asked me to come to work for him refinishing and restoring antiques. I jumped at the chance.” David would soon prove to be more valuable to the business. He began cataloging items for auction. “When Norman gave me the challenge of cataloging I was so overwhelmed. I really didn’t have the vocabulary to pull it off. He handed me a stack of books and said, ‘these should help’. I read every book from front to back until I was cross-eyed. I would arrive at work a 5:30 in the morning, to try and get a head start on the day…and while it was quiet. It wasn’t long before it became second nature."

As time passed, David became heavily involved in Garrett Galleries’ marketing and advertising efforts, and often accompanied Norman on buying trips to New York and overseas. With great help from Norman, he developed a keen eye for quality and value.

In 1993, Jeff’s dear brother, and David’s beloved friend and mentor passed away. David carried-on the business in the Garrett tradition until 2002. In 2004 David formed Moon Enterprise, a successful antiques consulting firm that provides advice and guidance to upstart businesses. 

Today, David's full energy is devoted to making Latique the very best antiques website on the internet. "Latique is stylish and new world. It has substance, direction and purpose. It fulfills a need long overdue. Everyone associated with Latique gets up every day and works very hard to fulfill our ultimate objective to create and maintain a level of excellence that is meaningful and rewarding for the entire antiques community. Jeff and I are old friends with a common goal. Along with co-founders Justin Garrett, Julie Garrett VanDolen, and Regional Sales Director Holly Echols.... we will get it done!"

David currently lives in Grand Prairie, Texas, just outside of downtown Dallas. His wife Dee is a cardiovascular home care nurse. In David’s words, “she has the really important job in the family”. In his spare time David enjoys a round of golf and satisfies his rock star ambitions playing his acoustic guitar and keyboard. He loves to cook, and often makes homemade pickles, beef jerky, and hot pepper sauces for family and friends. “It’s the best therapy I know”, he says.

Please join us in welcoming David!