Black Forest Carvings and Carvings from the Black Forest, Part 1

Enchanting and Whimsical

By: Carly Hill, Staff Writer • Jan 18, 2012 • 0 Comments

You’re skiing with the family in Aspen.  You admire the backdrop of white powdery snow.  Then, you tell your wife you’re going to go to the lodge to warm up.  You walk in and have a seat in a wooden chair that is carved into the form of a bear.  On the coffee table, there is a wooden music box with the figures of dogs carved in.  The table, the wall hangings, everything around you exudes warmth and nature.  These are Black Forest Carvings.

Simon Daniels, along with his father, Michael Daniels, and Jay Arenski penned the book, “Swiss Carvings 1820-1940.”  Simon is one of our Latique dealers.  His store, Daniel’s Antiques, has two locations – one in Aspen – which specializes in Black Forest Carvings and the other in South Florida – which is a more formal store, housing a variety of antique items.  Simon was kind enough to spend some time sharing his knowledge on the rich history of these enchanting and whimsical pieces. 

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