Black Forest Carvings and Carvings from the Black Forest, Part 4

Black Forest Decor

By: Carly Hill, Staff Writer • Jan 18, 2012 • 0 Comments

Typically, you see black forest carvings in mountain homes or lodges, but there are collectors all over the place.  You don’t technically need to live in a cabin or on a mountain to have cabin décor.  Collecting Black Forest Carvings will add warmth and ruggedness to your space, making it feel more like a lodge, no matter where your home is actually located.  If you love the outdoors and prefer your house to feel “homey,” this is a good look for you.  If you want to create this natural, earthy look in your home, seek out furniture and wall hangings that are raw and unfinished.  Lighting should be soft and your color scheme should consist of earthy tones – browns, greens, dark reds, etc.

Although Black Forest Carvings were produced in Switzerland, they have been shipped all over the world by the Victorian travelers.  Simon said, “Today, they are most prominently found in Europe, America, South America, in Australia.  But, really, they can be found all over.”

“Black Forest Carvings have always been popular,” he added.  “They appeal to people – the dogs, rabbits, bears, etc.  They are quite expensive because they are so rare.”

Whether or not you live in the mountains, adding Black Forest Carvings is a great way to take a house and make it a home.

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