Introducing…The Wonderfully Informative and Excruciatingly Interesting Latique Antiques Blog!

Part One

By: Carly Hill, Staff Writer • Mar 06, 2012 • 0 Comments

Latique is your ultimate virtual antiquing experience.  You can admire antiques and connect with reputable dealers all over the country from the comfort of your home.  You can add a stroke of splendor to your home when you find that special piece, with the click of a finger.  As antique dealers and enthusiasts, you know that history and education is a huge part of what makes the business so magical and popular.  So, we’ve decided to launch this blog where you can learn more about the antiques you’re interested in, as well as the dealers who offer the opportunity to own them.  
Each week, we will be featuring a different Latique dealer – their items, their stories, and their location.  We hope you enjoy going deeper into the past with us, than you would by simply reading the brief caption of your newest find.  
Latique is excited and honored to feature R. Jorgensen Antiques this week.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Ric Jorgensen.  He is a kind man who loves what he does.  He has been in the antiques business for 38 years and has been blessed to, as he put it, be able to follow the things he’s interested in.  
Ric said, “The most exciting thing, to lump it together, is the scholarship.”  There’s so much more to know and learn than what year an antique was made in and where it’s from.  Where did the design originate?  Who made it?  What did they make it for?  Who is selling it to you and how did they find it?
Whoever you are and for whatever reason you have become bewitched by antiques, this blog is a place you can visit to learn even more.
Stay tuned for Wednesday’s blog post all about R. Jorgensen’s historic mill house turned antique shop in Maine.