Silver: "...bright and beautiful..."

By: Carly Hill, Staff Writer • Jan 02, 2013 • 0 Comments

Assigned chores are not what get most kids bouncing off the walls with excitement.  For almost all, doing chores is a CHORE.  But, young Connie McNally loved her chores growing up because she got to polish the family silver collection.  “I have a love of silver that started when I was very young and it’s continued throughout my life.  I find it gratifying when it’s a dark piece and you clean it and it becomes bright and beautiful,” says McNally, describing the act of polishing silver with the excitement of a child.

Connie McNally of The McNally Company Antiques Inc. has a staggering list of accomplishments.  She opened her first antique shop in 1976, purchased Silver Magazine and took over as editor and publisher for 11 years.   Connie and Bill McNally have over 33 years of experience in the Antique Industry, so when you buy from McNally, you’re buying from dealers who know what they’re selling.  Connie walked me through the different pieces that they are featuring in their shop.  Not only does McNally find treasures, but they research the origins of their pieces as well. 

When I asked Connie what the highlight of her career was, she didn’t miss a beat before gushing over her “labor of love” – Silver Magazine.  Connie loved working with authors and historians, but one of the most rewarding aspects of running the magazine was helping people find out the true origins of the silver pieces they owned.  Working with experts in the field, she was often able to uncover mistakes and reveal the true origin and history of the silver pieces.

The McNally Company Antiques Inc., located in Rancho Santa Fe, California, carries more than just silver.  You can find jewelry, mirrors, furniture, glass, rugs, etc.  However, since Connie’s “thing is silver,” if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.  McNally currently carries the largest private collection of art nouveau silver in the United States.  “It was 40 years in the collecting and has not been seen in 40 years outside of a private home, so we’re very happy to have it.”  They started out with 67 pieces and still have over 60 pieces left.  “We’re very excited because these are large pieces – centerpieces, candelabra, there are trays and you can see as time progressed where the art nouveau, the flowers, the mermaids with the flowing hair started going into whiplashes and started going into more arts and crafts and then into the deco.” 

The piece pictured above is an exquisite art nouveau silver oval figural centerpiece and is available right here.

McNally also carries flatware, Georg Jenson, Trophies, Hollowware, and Gorham.  Check back, right here, on Saturday to learn specifically about Art Nouveau Silver.  In the mean time, scroll through Latique’s collection of sparkling silver!