Antique Child's Sleigh: Youth and Nostalgia...

By: Carly Hill - Staff Writer • Aug 14, 2012 • 0 Comments

Walking outside this morning, I was struck with a fuzzy feeling, immediately noticing that the weather had that first touch of fall feeling – a stark contrast from the record highs a few weeks ago.  Fall is upon us and as we all know, it seems the holidays come and go faster than we can say, “Hey, do we have any wrapping paper leftover from last year?” 

Today’s featured piece is this antique child’s sleigh from Mill House Antiques and Gardens.  Made of iron and steel with a mahogany seat and footrest, this sleigh is a unique and versatile piece of furniture to bring into your cozy cottage.  What once carried curly-headed cutie pies can now bring an air of youth and nostalgia to your home.  Mill House recommends perhaps repurposing it to become a plant stand.

You may not be making snow angels in your front yard yet, but in just a handful of weeks, you’ll be humming “Dashing through the snow, on a one horse open sleigh…” on your way to the office. 

A sleigh (or sled) is a vehicle designed with runners – made to travel on snow and ice – usually horse-drawn as well.  Sleighs were used as a means of getting around before the wheel was even invented.  In pre-Colombian America, Eskimo’s traveled by dog sled.  In ancient Egypt, sleds were used in construction to haul stone.

There are many different types of sledding – there are the well-known types like bobsledding, and luge that you can look forward to seeing in the 2014 winter Olympics, and then there are the less popular and wildly intriguing variety such as Hawaiian lava sledding!

Sounds crazy, but its actually a popular sport among natives.  Now, they’re not actually sledding down hot, recently erupted volcano lava streams, but rather, they slide down the stone paths where lava flowed from volcanoes. 

Another unconventional type of sledding is called “ice blocking,” when people sled down hills on blocks of ice.  Obviously, you wouldn’t want to invest in this type of sled for your home, as it most definitely would not stand the test of time.

Coming down from the high of watching USA take gold after gold this year, we’ll all have to find plenty to distract ourselves with, so we don’t go crazy with anticipation of the 2014 winter games.  Perhaps purchasing this sled is just what you need to squelch your Winter Olympics craving for the time being…


Happy Latiquing!