The Wardrobe: Practical and Private...

By: Carly Hill - Staff Writer • Apr 05, 1970 • 0 Comments

C.S. Lewis’ classic, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe takes you on a magical journey through a wardrobe and into a magical world.  But, it doesn’t take a mystical journey to a storybook land to appreciate the beauty of an antique wardrobe.

I grew up in a house that looked more like an antique shop than it did a home.  My mother is a collector, and as so many dealers have told me in the past, a true collector doesn’t buy an antique for a certain spot, they find a spot for an antique.  My first antique was a wooden wardrobe.  Since my mother’s giant clothing collection took up her closet, my father’s closet, and my closet, she bought me a wardrobe to house my clothes. 

I loved that wardrobe.  Nothing in my life was ever laced up, and that wardrobe became my secret hider of all clutter.  There was a little key that usually stayed in the keyhole to keep the door shut, but on days that it was messiest, I would keep the key with me in my backpack so my dad wouldn’t inspect my room, open the cabinet, and get avalanched by clothes, shoes, old homework, and art supplies.  That’s what my wardrobe did for me.  It was a beautiful, elegant piece of furniture that hid parts of me that weren’t always beautiful and elegant.

You may not be a messy teenager, but an antique wardrobe is not only a grand piece of furniture to fill your house with.  It is practical and it is private.  It can be your storage cabinet, your closet, or your secret hiding place.

Take a peek at the exquisite wardrobe photographed above from Mill House Antiques and Gardens.

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