By: Carly Hill - Staff Writer • Sep 10, 2012 • 0 Comments

Admire this antique – with its stately columns and gothic posts, and you’d think you were looking at an ancient castle.  But, this intense piece of furniture is actually a baby’s crib, circa 1835-1845.  Made of beautiful black walnut, this piece, as dealer Stanley Weiss describes it, “personifies the Gothic idiom with its multitude of Gothic arches and pedimented post supports, which create a formidable and dramatic statement.”

What better place to lay down your little prince or princess (or grandbaby!) at night than their very own castle bed? 

Cribs are relatively Western, as the custom of many countries around the world is to share a bed with your children.  A baby’s bed has gone from a hole in the ground, to bark cradles, skin cradles, baskets, and more.  The earliest, and most common, was a rocker made from a hollowed out log.  Once a baby grew, they would usually graduate to a trundle bed.  Old cottages, many times, only had one or two rooms, so the child’s trundle bed would slide under their parents’ during the day to conserve space.

Sometime in the 1800s, when homes became larger and kids got their own rooms, the crib as we know it came into existence.  Cribs were made of the sturdiest local wood, and were passed down the generations because they were made with such quality.  Cribs have remained relatively the same since then, except for improved safety standards.  For example, some older cribs have slats that are too big.  Others have headboards that aren’t sturdy and could pose a risk to infants.  So, many people choose to go with a new, state of the art crib.  Others will look for an antique because of its superior quality.  If you plan to put a baby in an antique crib, just make sure you do your homework.  Make sure it meets all safety standards.  If you find a beautiful antique crib that doesn’t seem to be safe, it can still be a great piece of decorative furniture for a child or grandchild’s room – and can be used to house baby dolls, knit blankets, and frilly pillows.

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