Three-fold Loveliness

By: Carly Hill - Staff Writer • Oct 02, 2012 • 0 Comments

Don’t you love killing two birds with one stone?  Finding two uses for one tool?  What if you could find an antique that’s purpose and pleasure was three-fold?  This exquisite bench/trunk, from Normandy is more than a beautiful antique.  First, it is clearly lovely to behold – a work of art.  Second, it is a beautiful and stately bench.  Third, it’s a place to store your treasures (or a place to hide a mess).

A treasure like this one is so much more meaningful if you know of its origins.  If you could imagine the home it came from, or in this case, the castle it came from.  To get a better taste of where this bench/trunk was made and originally used, watch this travel video on Normandy.

Normandy is located in northwest France, right on the coast.  As you can see in the video, the region is known for his strikingly high, chalky cliffs.  Funny enough, this 18th century bench/trunk is gothic, in style.  One of the defining characteristics of gothic style is a pointed arch.  This intricately carved antique fits the style of its distant homeland.  It may not display the pointed arches itself, but it is a piece of gothic furniture, which fits not only where it came from, but also likely the chateau where it spent its earliest years, as well.

Want to feel like instant royalty?  Well, like I said, this piece actually came from a Normandy chateau.  Read Latique’s article about chateaux right here.  Notice the five seat panels and foot panels, all intricately carved in the gothic style.

It’s just an all around treasure – seating space, storage space, and regal beauty.  Long for it no longer.  The piece is available from Le Louvre French Antiques, right here.  If you just can’t find a place for this particular seat, feel free to take a look at the other sofas, settees, and settles, right here at Latique Antiques!