French Regence Sofa: Graceful and Timeless...

By: Carly Hill - Staff Writer • Oct 06, 2012 • 0 Comments

Whether you’re political or not, you can’t escape hearing about politics right now, as we are only a month away from the Presidential Election.  All of the news stations are broadcasting both sides – educating us on our two candidates.  Perhaps you agree with one on the economy, but you don’t like his stance on social issues.  But, what if one of the issues you had didn’t involve tax dollars?  What if it involved the candidate’s age?  What if our next elected president were 5 years old?  Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? 

In 1715, Louis XV took power of France at the age of 5.  Yes, five.  He was a Burboun monarch who succeeded his great-grandfather, Louis XIV.  Now, you must be wondering how on earth a kindergartener would manage to rule over a country.  Well, between 1715 and 1745, France was in a Regence period.  Because Louis XV was a minor, a regent named Phillip d’Orleans was in control.  A regent is someone who acts as Head of State in the place of a minor. 

Furniture, at this time, was known as “petit salon.”  It was graceful and movable – a contrast from the heavy, bulky, carved, ornamented furniture that preceded it.  This furniture was simpler.  Lighter.  Encyclopedia Britannica says, “The restraint arrived at during this period resulted from a strong reaction against the pomposity of the court under Louis XIV.”

This one-of-a-kind sofa comes from this very brief time period in France – the Regence Period.  This particular sofa dates back to 1725 and is available right here, from French Accents Antiques.

What I find special about this sofa is that, in appearance, it is elegant, mature, and regal even.  But, it comes from the Regence Period, which signifies royal youth.  So, it projects a feeling of youth and aged beauty at the same time.  It is timeless and unique.

Upholstered with a myriad of muted colors, it would be a lovely touch in any space.  This isn’t the only stunning sofa we have, so please do scroll through the rest of our antique seating options.  You’ll be sure to find one that you can’t resist.  Happy Latiquing!