Time to Brush Up on Foreign Affairs...

By: Carly Hill - Staff Writer • Oct 25, 2012 • 0 Comments

Every media outlet is pulsing with politics.  If you turn on your TV, you can’t escape the constant barrage of ads, debates, and political spin. A few nights ago the debates focused on foreign policy.  Of course, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, etc. were all topics of conversation.  Now, if curious, most of us could scroll through our iPad map to find these Middle Eastern countries.  With the convenience of our digital age, has come a loss of beautiful and useful items – such as the globe.  I don’t see many globes nowadays, unless I happen to be in an elementary school classroom.

Take a look at this beauty pictured above.

Atop four hand turned cherry legs, sits this aged and accurate orb – an elegant piece of our planet – right at your fingertips. 

This particular globe is extraordinarily detailed – displaying all the geographical and political divisions to the present day it was made, which was 1872.  Also included, is a table of division, which shows the difference between the clock and the sun.  This fun find is available, at a discounted price, from Kahn Fine Antiques and Works of Art, right here.

The oldest surviving globe is the Erdapfel, found in Nuremberg, Germany in 1492.  It did not display the Americas.

Pictured here is another stunning globe, this one available from French Style Antiques, traced back to the early 1900s.   This globe has colored continents and a pale blue sea, when unlit.  When plugged in, it produces an antiqued yellow glow. 

With the current political frenzy causing everyone to refocus on world issues that often get ignored, now is the perfect time to bring a globe to your collection, or add one more.  A globe gives off a studied and cosmopolitan vibe. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a unique antique, but don’t have the space or the desire to bring a big piece of furniture into your home.  A globe is a piece that makes a big statement, but takes up a small amount of space.  It’s the perfect item to transform the look and feel of a room without doing much. 

Only a few more weeks of the presidential frenzy remain.  Snap up one of these unique globes during this special time in history – an election year.  If these two aren’t for you, ponder over our other options, right here at Latique…