Daily Covet - 19th Century English Rococo-Style Mirrors

Holly Goes Picking

By: Holly Echols • Apr 15, 2010 • 0 Comments

What a truly luxurious pair of 19th Century English Rococo-Style Mirrors!    I particularly love the artistic merit displayed in the “Rococo” movement, which is derived from the French rocaille, “a shell.” This style developed as Baroque artists gave up their symmetry and became increasingly more ornate, florid, and playful. Rococo rooms were designed as total works of art with elegant and ornate furniture, small sculptures, ornamental mirrors, and tapestry complementing architecture, reliefs, and wall paintings. Louis XIV's succession brought a change in the court artists and general artistic fashion. By the end of the old king's reign, rich Baroque designs were giving way to lighter elements with more curves and natural patterns.

The goal of all artists in this period was to charm, delight and entertain. And, based on these fabulous pieces collected by Antique Dealer T. Reggiardo, I believe the sophistication speaks for itself.  His Gallery is located in the Presidio Heights neighborhood of San Francisco since 1998, specializes in 18th and 19th Century English and Continental furniture and works of art. The shop also carries select pieces of 20th Century furniture and art. If you're in the San Francisco area, T. Reggiardo Antiques is a must see...if you're not, visit him here at Latique!!!  More to follow....