Best in Show

Folk Art Dogs and the Dealers Who Love Them

By: Julie VanDolen • Apr 30, 2010 • 1 Comments

The wonderful dog items at the 23rd Street Armory Antiques Show in Philly last month prompted me to conduct my own little “Best in Show” awards where I had the honor of spotlighting dogs and their owners...I mean, dealers.

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for great dogs- -and just about any dog will do.  I like regal dogs in oil-on-canvas hunt scenes, I like them in statuary and sculpture, and I like them best “in person”.    No matter the medium, dogs always catch my eye and steal my heart.   A piece of dog-related artwork is relatable, comfortable, and can add instant warmth to any home. 

I fell in love with this sweet little guy above from Stephen-Douglas, New Hampshire.  I love the color, the obvious age, and the portrait-style aspect of the painting.  He's a real cutie.

Next I spotted this fantastic old weather vane.  Just look at that patina— he's in great condition, too.  This dog was a real show-stopper.

antique weathervane

I contemplated bringing this little guy home with me—what a great piece of architectural salvage!  He'd look so cool on my coffee table.  He is a fabulous copper downspout, and believe me, you’ll probably never see another one like him in your life.

antique copper downspout

Next, this wonderful big boy.  This photo doesn't do him justice at all.  He was marked sold and hiding in his owner's booth—a sure sign he would be going to a very good home.  Gemini Antiques kindly allowed me to photograph this great piece of dog folk art, despite the poor photo.  The handwork is fantastic-- very intricate.



Lastly another wonderful little dog painting from Mario Pollo, NY (below).  What a great, sad expression this character wears.  A shy guy? Maybe he's not too happy to have to sit for his portrait.  A simple frame allows this folky canine to shine. 

antique dog painting















I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to dogs-- I call it a "puppy pick-me-up".  Latique is happy to help wonderful dogs like these find great homes.