Founder's Letter

We are the Young Collectors

By: Julie Garrett VanDolen • May 01, 2010 • 0 Comments

One of the things I have learned from Latique’s budding social media component is that there are plenty of you on the other side of the screen who are in my age bracket saying, “I really like antiques but I’m not ready to be one.”

Whether you realize it or not, in the eyes of dealers, you and I help comprise the up-and-coming group more commonly known as the “Young Collectors”.  I’m not sure this blanket term adequately describes our entire demographic, but I do believe there are pockets of what my father calls “New Collectors” gaining momentum. While many of us are only just beginning to learn about fine art and antiques, others are developing into nice little aficionados.  We know what we like and what we see ourselves collecting in the future.  Most of our demographic has some expendable income and can afford the items we really love.  Not all of us can buy the pieces we’d most like to have, but in a few short years we’ll have refined our tastes and be the next wave of buyers.  Many of us are already well-versed in what we like and are truly “collecting”-- dealers are looking for us and we’re looking for an online antiques store. 

Our demographic in general is more diverse than ever, and we wear many hats.  We may be entrepreneurs and Wall Streeters. Perhaps we’re women with kids, full-time jobs, and excellent taste.  We are certainly industrious and ambitious. Most of us have budget constraints, but enough money to spend on things we love. 

Additionally, when it comes to the way we live, we break the rules and make new ones. We love design and don’t mind mixing beautiful things from the distant past with beautiful things from the recent past. Our aesthetic is eclectic. When it comes to our homes, most of us are able to buy what we really want when we want. 

Museums and auction houses instituted things like Free Fridays, Young Collectors Circles, and Bridal Auctions years ago. It’s been fun, social and we have picked up a tip or two.  Crops of new collectors are popping up all over the world and dealers are cultivating new buyers thanks to these types of groups and events. 

The sands are certainly shifting. Retailers we are familiar with, Anthropologie for instance, are sponsoring events timed for us. Kipton Cronkite in New York, a man with his eye on changing the art scene, has made Young Collectors Night at the Winter Antiques Show a hot ticket.  Andrew Richmond and Hollie Davis speak our language in their monthly column in Maine Antiques Digest and have plenty to say. 

And designers like Tobi Fairley have zeroed in on what we really like: a little bit of tradition and a lot of bold. 

This month, there are a lot of new items on Latique, from cool collectibles to serious investment furniture.  We have featured Tobi Fairley, one of the hottest designers in America, in our magazine. As the only social antiques online site, Latique is breaking new ground because people like you are finding it the better way to shop, learn, chat and buy.  This is just the beginning.

Thanks for your support and valued comments; please keep them coming.Julie and Holly attend World Collectors Night

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