Tobi Style

You Know, Tobi Fairley!

By: Julie VanDolen • May 01, 2010 • 0 Comments

So I can't even beat around the bush with intro's here.  Tobi Fairley is one of my favorite fresh designers today.  I love how fearless she is with color and pattern, and how she throws little shocks of color in every room.  She's got a knack for keeping it comfy, but chic.  No pretense, but first class all the way. Latique Magazine is so lucky to have her as our May Featured Designer!  Her accolades are visit to her blog and you'll see why.  This girl's got it.  She knows how to blog. She ties in fashion with home decor.  She has an eye for color and ain't afraid to use it.  Her style of writing makes you feel as if you've known her for years-- "you know, my friend, Tobi Fairley!"

I could post about a half a zillion photos of Tobi's work, but I'll just tease you with some snippets of her portfolio.  For the full scoop, please visit our homepage. I love her eclectic rooms and bold choices-- they have serious impact, but never come across as over-the-top.  Check Tobi's blog to see how she mixes it all up and makes it work...

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