Daily Covet - "Burmese Dancer with Fan"

Holly Goes Picking

By: Holly Goes Picking • May 05, 2010 • 0 Comments

Introducing my "Best of Show" pick from The 2010 Philadelphia Antiques Show

This beautiful portrait was featured by Martyn Gregory of the UK, The leading specialist in China Trade Paintings. While tagging along with Latique's director Julie Vandolen, we discovered some interesting picks and were truly impressed with the collections... I must say, it was a true privilege to have the viewing rights! This painting, entitled "Burmese Dancer with Fan", immediately caught our attention as we approached the end of the 1st aisle of amazing antique dealers and their items.  The brilliant use of color invoked a dramatic indulgence from its imagery of a young asian woman caught at a glance.  Along with admiring her beauty, the painting seemed to relax my senses and give me an overall sense of peace and order.  This piece was just one of many! From fine art masterpieces, folk art, and Americana, all the way to antique rugs, textiles, fine furniture, and porcelain... our visit was truly an unforgettable experience.