Holly Covets - 19th Century Parcheesi Game Board

By: Holly Echols • May 25, 2010 • 1 Comments

 It's antique!  It's highly collectible... and, it's multi-functional!  This fun, late 19th Century Parcheesi Game Board featured by Latique dealers Otto & Susan Hart is my pick of the week!  I love the exuberant design and unique detail being displayed on its folding mahogany board, complete with a carriage hand painted decoration in the center.  This little treasure will add the perfect touch of vibrant color to an eclectic setting as well as suggest the traditionalism of family fun in a well designed home.  The game of Parcheesi has long been a favorite American past time and holds historical value in many cultures around the world, such as India.  By incorporating this diversity as a design element, the right combination of individual, disparate items serve to compliment classic antiques and is a perfect example of stylistic design trends going forward in 2010.  Whether mounted on a wall as art or cleverly perched on a modern table setting, I love how this early American antique gameboard has the ability to embrace eclecticism... What a fun piece!