Holly Covets - American Mahogany Roundabout Chair

By: Holly Echols • Jun 01, 2010 • 0 Comments

Introducing eccentricity at its finest! My weekly pick is this American Mahogany Roundabout Chair featured by Latique dealer Thomas Livingston Antiques.  Both unique and rare, this is one chair I would not mind being backed into a corner on while sipping a hot cup of English tea! I love its dark mahogany wood that is complimentary to the elegant Chippendale fretted splats and square chambered legs, which are classic of the roundabout chair during the 1700 - 1800's.  Also known as a "writing chair", or sometimes referred to as a "corner chair", this piece was most popular during the 18th century when space was limited simply because it can go anywhere!  As functional as it is pleasing, this extra seating can be placed in the corner,  side by side as a settee when paired, or efficiently balance the design of a room when the pair is placed in two adjacent corners.  Overall, it's just a great look, and a well sought after antique!  With all of its rarity, beautiful design elements, and a market value at $4,850, this little gem is a must have!