Holly Covets - Napolean III Boule Tea Caddy

By: Holly Echols • Jun 10, 2010 • 0 Comments
It's strikingly intricate!  It can be found on Latique... and it's my pick of the week!  This decoratively formed Napolean III Tea Caddy showcased by Essex Antiquarians is something I truly covet...  This rare piece is a true work of art, with its crimson tortoise box exterior, discreet brass ornamental inlay decoration, and paw feet.  The box opens to 2 nicely designed laquered top compartments for tea storage and is a classic example of the fine craftmanship and marquetry displayed by artisans who have been inspired for almost two centuries by the important English imported commodity known as tea.   From small functional wooden chests in the early 17th century, to ornately designed decorative devices,  the tea caddy has evolved through the periods and has become one of my favorite items to collect. What a joy to come across one of these historical antiquities!  Be sure to check Latique to see what unique piece will pop up next, and happy Latiquing!