Holly Covets - Collection of Hand Blown Glass Eyes, ca. 1900

By: by Holly Echols • Sep 14, 2010 • 0 Comments

Classic meets quirky! Latique's New York based dealer, Marion Harris , is currently showcasing these collectible glass eyes in a very unique way...  This contemporary grouping consists of eyes that were actually used by injured soldiers in both world wars, and some were used by taxidermists as well.  It's intriguing to imagine the scenes witnessed by these historical antique wonders!  The highly collectible pieces are creatively arranged in a contemporary like grouping that serves as a curious conversation piece, adding both history and eclectic style to a space.  If you're looking for unique design elements and classic antiques, look no further than the well known collection of Marion Harris! Feel free to peruse her collection and get a taste of her artistic vision recognized by interior designers, collectors, and museums worldwide by visiting www.Latique.com.  Enjoy!