Holly Covets - Mourning Needlework, America c.1813

By: by Holly Echols • Aug 27, 2010 • 0 Comments

In a world facing uncertain times, this Latique pick of the week serves as a true reminder on the cost of freedom! This circular needlework featuring an American life boat being lowered seems to illustrate the tormented soul of a widow after the Battle of Lake Erie, 1813. Interestingly enough, it is reported to be sewn on a faded, blood-stained, fragment of the flag that was flown on a sunken ship of the lost sailor! Collecting historical pieces such as this is just one of the many ways to commemorate the pride of our nation and remember past times.  What a privilege it would be to acquire such a heartfelt display of emotions depicting a lover’s own personal casualty of war! To learn more about the "Mourning Needlework" and other antique's in this collection, feel free to view Brian Cullity Antiques and leave a comment.  What a great piece of Americana!