It's a Love-Hate Business

A Dealer's Musings About the Trade

By: Jeff Garrett • Sep 19, 2010 • 0 Comments

I've been in this business for over 30 years and I guess some things never change.  Are antique dealers ever happy?
It's a given that we're happy when business is good and depressed when it's slow, but today I'm referring to the love-hate aspect of the business.  We've seen a nice uptick in the last few weeks...thank goodness!  August is typically slow and we can't wait for school to start.  People start settling back into routines and look forward to free time while the kids are busy.  Often September means sprucing up the house and thinking about new antiques!  Texans can't wait for summer to end because it means the 100 degree, oven-baked days are coming to an end as well.  We usually get teased by a weak cool front-- an insulting high of 90 with rain.  We only think fall is on the way, but next week it could be 102 degrees and steamy. I really don't count on "autumn" in Dallas until about the end of October.  Ugh.

Anyway, back to the love/hate relationship...

We received a great new shipment a couple of weeks ago and were really happy with most of our items. A new shipment always means totally rearranging the store. It's lots of work, but it lifts our spirits to unpack and admire our new inventory-- especially when we're really proud of it.  We usually like several items so much that we don't really care if they sell quickly; they're nice, new eye candy to freshen up the store.  Today we got a call from a California client and sold two of our favorite new items, a really nice Louis XVI painted settee and a fabulous Venetian lacquered sofa.

Though we were very happy with the sale, we hated to see two great pieces go out the door after less than two weeks on the floor! We hardly had time to enjoy them!  This is a prime example of to buy (and love to sell), but hate to see a good piece go (especially because they're so hard to replace).  On the flip side, the emotional attachment usually dissipates pretty quickly.  My momentary "hate to see it go" feeling is a distant memory when the check arrives,  the customer is happy, and the bills are paid.  So, at then end of the day I suppose the "love" of buying and selling prevails-- which is how it should be.  Now if I could just find something to love about the 100 degree weather I'm hating.

Have a great Fall,

Jeff Garrett

Legacy Antiques