David's Den - Rare Pair Of Trumeaux From Normandy

Serenity Found

By: David Moon • Dec 03, 2011 • 0 Comments

It's hard not to feel at ease viewing this beautiful pair of French Trumeau mirrors. The paintings depict serene pastoral scenes of the Normandy region of France. The Trumeau mirror originated in France during the 18th century and are as popular today as they were then. Most antique Trumeau mirrors are found painted, as the style of most homes were painted in rich faux work with ornate plaster frieze that ornamented the walls. They were hung between windows providing a decorative element as well as to serve a purpose for bringing in more light. A single antique Trumeau is sometimes difficult to find. To come upon a pair is a true discovery indeed. This exquiste pair, along with a superb collection of other Trumeaux can be found at Country French Interiors here at LATIQUE. Or, visit them at their 15,000 sq.ft. showroom located in the heart of the Dallas Design District. Add a French Trumeau mirror to your surroundings, and you too, will find the serenity.