Sell Antiques Online

Sell Antiques Online
Join the community. Reap the benefits. Reach new buyers.
Membership Benefits
  • List and Sell Antiques
  • Reach an International Clientele
  • Customized Profile Page
  • Direct Link to Your Website
  • Home Page Visibility
  • Advertise Sales, Special Events, Shows, New Aquisitions
  • Never Worry About Competing With Auction Houses
  • Pay NO commissions on Items Sold
  • Auto-Count to Measure Traffic
  • No Upfront/Set Up Fees
  • Best Dealer Support in the Industry


Want to Know More?

What is is the first social sales site for antiques and the fine arts. It was designed by antiques dealers for antiques dealers.

What is a Social Sales Site?
At you engage new customers in an online dialog—much as you would talk to someone in your own shop. When you sell, you do so offline, in strict privacy.

How Else does Differ from Other Sales Sites?
You are in control. You upload and maintain photos, descriptions, search words, and sold buttons. It's easy.

Do I need a lot of technical knowledge to use Latique?
If you can send and receive emails or write documents in Microsoft Word, you have all the skills you need to manage your account. You don't need to know any HTML / CSS code or learn any advanced programming skills. Our easy photo upload manager allows you to upload pictures of your inventory with the click of a button. We'll teach you how to label and tag items so that they show up in search results. This is as easy as typing a few words into a blank box.

What is's focus?
Traditional antiques, period art and classic decorative arts.

Does Accept All Dealers?
No. Professional Membership in is open to reputable antique dealers, art dealers, antique show producers, designers and decorators. We strive to showcase only fine antiques and weed out all reproductions and items of little value. Our application process is 100% human-reviewed in order maintain our clients' reputations for quality. If your membership application is approved, your dealership and inventory will be in good company.

Do I Pay a Commission to when I Sell an Item?
No. Your annual fee covers everything.

Does Represent Auction Houses?
No. Our first commitment is to dealers, especially sellers of traditional antiques and fine period art. We do not handle general auction houses that compete for your business.

How Many Photos Can I Upload?
As many as you like! We suggest a minimum of 10 items to start, with multiple views for each item.

What Benefits does Provide over my Own Website?
When you join Latique, you become part of a trusted antiques search portal, making it easier for potential buyers to find you and your antiques on the web. We aggressively promote and our member dealers through online and print advertising campaigns, public relations, social media, and traditional word of mouth. Member dealers can leverage our marketing efforts simply by joining. In a sense, joining Latique is like hiring an entire marketing department to help you promote your business for a reasonable annual fee.

How Much Does It Cost?
Latique charges one annual fee, which provides unlimited access to Our simple flat-fee agreement allows you to upload and sell as many items as you like with minimal hassle and accounting. You never pay commission on items sold. For more details, click "Sign Up Now" to contact a Latique representative.

Choose Your Plan

Easy Account Management

Logging in to takes you to an easy account management interface. Simply enter your business information into the "Profile" tab, then start adding items you'd like to feature on the site.

Easy Account Management

List your Antiques

Adding items is easy. Simply write a descriptive title, add a stock number, select a category, enter a price and add a long description. Use the tags entry box to write keywords you think internet searchers might use to find your item. Remember to use keywords in your titles and descriptions also!

Finally, add the URL for your company's website and upload pictures of your item. Click on "Save," and you're done! Your item is listed on Latique.

Add Antique Items

Connect with Dealers and Buyers

You can easily chat with other dealers and prospective clients through the comments panel. Call 214-683-6855 to get started today!

Comment Interface

Or call 214-683-6855 for more information.